Profitable honing comes from the ideal combination of operator, machine, tooling, abrasive and honing oil working together as the perfect team. The use of genuine ACCU-CUT abrasives and ACCU-CUT 's premier line of honing oils will produce the lowest overall honing cost per part. Typically, oil cost per part is less than one-tenth of one per cent of the total. Yet, a slight decrease in cycle time or a decrease in abrasive consumption resulting from a better lubricant repays the cost of premium honing oil many times over. Your investment in top-quality ACCU-CUT honing oils, saturated with surface active agents, provides the extreme lubricity that allows you to use higher honing pressure and harder abrasives for faster, more profitable cutting rates.

ACCU-CUT's experience and expertise with honing machines has helped us develop the finest abrasives, assuring you of the ultimate in bore-sizing quality. For the production of microfine finishes, ACCU-CUT provides a complete line of superior quality finishing abrasives. We manufacture and stock all varieties and types of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide stones in various grit sizes. This superabrasive line also includes diamond and CBN abrasives. These superabrasives outperform ordinary abrasives in cutting action, finishing speed and wear resistance, overcoming even the most difficult bore-sizing and finishing problems.

Honing is employed to improve surface finish, size, and surface geometry. In most GMPTD applications, the tool makes a light cut with a fine grained abrasive (240-600 grain size) and conforms to the workpiece geometry. The most common application is on internal cylindrical surfaces, but it also may be used elsewhere such as on flat surfaces. The abrasive grains are bonded to form stones which are typically both rotated and reciprocated in contact with the work surface. In face honing both the part and tool rotate about parallel but not coaxial centerlines.

Each abrasive grain in contact with the workpiece removes a small chip and the grains are continuously broken down by the process to expose new, sharp grains. In this manner, honing stones are self-sharpening. Great care should be exercised in selecting rotary speed, stone pressure, bond hardness, and coolant to assure correct stone breakdown, avoiding glazing and produce the desired surface finish.

Single stroke honing resembles reaming, but with an abrasive rather than fluted tool. The tool has a diamond abrasive coated sleeve that can be expanded to adjust size. Like a reamer, the tool is rotated and fed axially through the hole, cutting on its lead taper. Because of the lead taper, the hole must have at least 15 mm axially of clearance beyond the sized portion. Unlike a reamer, the tools cannot control the position of the hole. Therefore either the part or tool must float. Stock removal is limited to 0.02-0.03 mm on diameter. Multiple passes with progressively larger tools are used.

Superfinishing and polishing are analogous to honing for improvement of surface finish. Whereas honing is common for inside diameters, these processes are used for outside diameters. In general, polishing is done with a soft backing for an abrasive tape and does very little to improve part geometry. Superfinishing is done with firm or rigid abrasives either in stone form or as abrasive paper with a rigid backup, and does improve surface geometry. Grit size of 320-6000 is common with surface finishes as fine as 0.1 mm (4) at GMPTD, shaft bearing journals are commonly polished or superfinished after being ground to alter the aggressive surface left by production grinding.

ACCU-CUT honing technologies provide SUPERIOR...
· Production Rates through easier setup, operation and faster cycle times.
· Production Efficiencies through customer specific diamond-plated tooling and unequaled tool life.
· Accuracy

Just check out our results below and then call our technical staff so we can assist you toward a better bottom line.

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ACCU-CUT Diamond Tool Company and Bore Sizing Systems is a manufacturer of quality precision engineered diamond bore sizing tooling and turn-key machine systems including: honing equipment, machines, honing abrasives, superabrasives and diamond honing tools as well as automotive honing, super finishing, and bore finishing.

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